Online Transactions

Access to the Winchester Transfer Station is now being offered for sale through an online secure portal managed by the Winchester Town Clerk's Office. You can purchase your permits for the transfer station online in a few quick and easy steps. The Town Clerk's Office is also available for In Person Sales. However, we are encouraging online requests for faster service.

Please know that we will be processing the permits on a daily basis and will review and approve (if all documentation is submitted accurately). Once reviewed for accuracy the system will approve your License Plate and upload to the License Plate Reader camera located at the Transfer Station. There no longer will be a sticker affixed to your vehicle(s). Should we need more information after you submit your payment staff will contact you via email with specifics. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Winchester Town Clerk's Office at 781-721-7130 Press #1 for Town Clerk or email

For those residents needing Low Income Permits you can use this system as well. If you have any questions relating to Low Income and/or Commercial Hauler Permits you can reach out to the Health Department at 781-721-7121 or email

Find your Customer Record

Enter your first and last name along with your property address. In the next step we will present you with the closest matches.

If you are a tenant (non-owner) or a non-resident and haven't purchased an online item with Winchester before, you will have the option on the next page.

Please note there is a convenience charge of 3.99% or $1.50, whichever is greater. We accept VISA, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

1st Vehicle Each Additional Vehicle
Resident/Taxpayer Transfer Station $340* $30
Low Income Permit $30 $30
Winchester-based Business Permit $292 $292
Commercial Hauler Permit $300 $225
Replacement Permit $15 per vehicle

*Permit fee of $277, Capital improvements fee of $63, which totals $340.00.

Convenience fees with credit card or ACH payments will apply and be displayed before checkout.

Your credit card will not be charged until your transaction has been approved and processed by the Town. Please allow 5-7 days for the processing of orders.

Please print out your receipt or save your email confirmation for proof of purchase. The Town of Winchester will not be mailing you permits and there is no longer a sticker affixed to your vehicle.
You will need to upload a valid vehicle registration for each vehicle. Please make sure the registration number is legible. The following is a list of additional documents that may be needed to purchase your permits.
IF: You Must Also Include:
Your vehicle is leased Copy of the lease or a monthly bill
The property is held in trust Copy of the trust pages showing the property address and names of trustees (only named trustees are eligible for permits)
Your vehicle is registered to a business A business card with your name and the company name or a letter on company letterhead authorizing your use of the vehicle
You are a renter Copy of a current lease or 1 month of utility bills
Any transactions missing required documents will be denied. An email will be sent explaining the denial or requesting additional documentation so that you may resubmit or add documents.